Company History

From Ernst Mayer envelope factory to mayer-network GmbH

Die Anfangszeiten der Ernst Mayer Briefhüllenfabrik1877
Ernst Mayer founds the company and opens the Ernst Mayer envelope factory in Heilbronn.

A subsidiary is founded in Dresden.
Mayer-Kuvert already have 500 employees.

On the 4th of December, all production sites are destroyed by bombing.

Edlef Bartl acquires the Ernst Mayer envelope factory in Heilbronn. With a specialised industry knowledge and wider ambitions, he has laid the foundations for the Mayer-Kuvert-network to become the industry leader in Europe.

The company moves into its current premises.
All production is now contained on one purpose built site.

The Mayer-Kuvert-network becomes the largest privately owned envelope company in Europe.

The group becomes the market leader in Europe.  

The Mayer-Kuvert-network has a workforce of 2400 employees at 50 sites in 23 countries. The group produces in excess of 20 billion envelopes a year.
Within several alliances, the Mayer-Kuvert-network can supply customers in almost every country in the world.
mayer-network GmbH becomes the central sales unit of Mayer-Kuvert-network in Germany. It originated from the sales divisons of Mayer-Kuvert and BlessOF as well as from former Clausnitzer + Kupa Kuvert GmbH.

Along with the sales division of Schneidewind + Wolff & Matthes Kuvert former network company NC Couvert is integrated into mayer-network GmbH. Papyrus Kuvert becomes part of the Mayer-Kuvert-network and joins mayer-network GmbH as Sales Office Southwest.

With the unexpected death of Edlef Bartl an era has come to an end on February 12, 2014. An eight-person management team, which has been installed by Edlef Bartl in 2013, has taken up his heritage with Thomas Schwarz as the new CEO of Mayer-Kuvert-network.

Lemppenau + Rössler Kuvert GmbH is integrated into mayer-network GmbH as "Sales Office Lemppenau + Rössler Kuvert".

Start of the transformation and implementation of reorganizational activities according to the strategy for the Mission 2020.

In line with the implementation of the future concept Mission 2020, sales activities have been newly organized by creating corresponding business segments. Since April, the family office of an investor has got shares in the Mayer-Kuvert-network GmbH. In this course, the management of the company has been extended to three managing directors.