MAILmedia - Post vom Feinsten


The finest in letters

MAILmedia is more than just a new term for envelopes and pockets from the Mayer-Kuvert-network. 

There is a philosophy and a vision behind MAILmedia. It doesn’t just describe the product, the "envelope", but it gives attention to the method of producing it.

The MAILmedia philosophy consists of four important benefits to convince the customer that they are buying the right product for their mailings:

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

"First reduce, then neutralize" - we align our environmental philosophy and our actions with this slogan. We are constantly working on the improvement of all processes in order to leave an ecological footprint which is as small as possible. 

It is difficult to avoid some CO2 output when manufacturing envelopes however our aim is to minimize our impact by the following: 

  • CO2-neutral production
  • FSC® and PEFCTM certifications 
  • Certification ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.
  • Recycled products with the "Blue Angel" label.
  • Production using green energy
  • Printing with eco colours
  • Use of water based adhesives.
  • Increased use of recycled paper
  • Use of de-inkable flexo inks.
  • Use of residual ink for mixing ink for the printed opaque. 
  • Use of solar technology
  • Infrared drying in order to reduce the consumption of energy
  • Optimized use of material: smaller side seams and lighter window film
  • Window film from renewable resources
  • Recycling of the paper and ink.
  • Recycling and treatment of waste water before responsible disposal.
  • Use of rain water for the dilution of the flexo inks and cleaning processes. 
  • Use of returnable eco boxes instead of disposable non-returnable cartons
  • Double-stack loading in order to maximize the use of vehicles and reduce the exhaust emission.

We neutralize any remaining and unavoidable CO2-emissions by capital investment in emission reduction certification through our climate protection partner ClimatePartner. 

Local production - act globally, work locally

Initiative pro Deutschland - wir produzieren hier

MAILmedia would not be MAILmedia if the Mayer-Kuvert-network only considered envelope manufacturing without sparing a thought for the broader issues.

Against current trends of production transferral to the East, Mayer-Kuvert-network is committed to local production in its markets. Even though Mayer-Kuvert-network as the European market leader has access to numerous production sites in different countries, the MAILmedia envelopes are locally produced for the individual European markets.

To safeguard jobs at their production sites is an important part of the MAILmedia philosophy. "To produce at lower cost in the East and then sell products under the MAILmedia brand in Western markets would be the wrong approach," says Managing Director Edlef Bartl. "To begin with you may achieve higher margins but you will damage your business in the long run."

Mayer-Kuvert-network is a prime example for the often cited strategy "act globally, work locally".

Certified top quality

That you can expect technically perfect products from Europe’s leading envelope manufacturer is self-evident - after all it is through customer satisfaction that we have become the market leader.

That is why there is no need to list our many quality details and features here...

For the matter of the high quality of MAILmedia, it is far exceeding standard quality assurance guidelines.

Outstanding MAILmedia quality comes especially from:

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Continuous improvement of processes
  • Skilled final quality checks without automatic boxing units
  • Fully-functional complaint management
  • Supply partnerships for constant quality

Strength and service from the market leader

MAILmedia is supported by the leading European envelope manufacturer’s strengths:
  • High reliability
  • Unbeatable competence of about 1,750 employees
  • Wide product range
  • Complete service / 24-hours support
  • Full market coverage
  • Flexible and efficient machinery